Daphne Singingtree


Daphne started the study of herbal and natural medicine in 1970, and began her midwifery studies in 1974. She is founder of the Oregon School of Midwifery and Aviva Institute,  served on the board of the Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council, and the Oregon State Board of Direct Entry Midwifery, was the chair of the Education Committee for the Midwives Alliance of North America. She started Eagletree Press in 1984.

She was apprentice trained, attended classes at the People's School of Midwifery in Arcata, California, and studied Natural Medicine at Instituto Naturista in Antigua, Guatemala.  She has a Bachelor's Degree from Ashford University and is currently working on her Masters in Education with a concentration of Distance Learning.

She is mother of four grown children and three grandchildren all born at home. Retired from midwifery practice for some years she grows and makes herbal medicine as well as teaching and creating learning resources for midwives and holistic health care workers.


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